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Welcome to the NEW ACW Website!

Yup, it's here and it's ALIVE! (Cue Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, the laboratory scene.)

We've been trying to get this website done for awhile and finally got to the point of: rather than trying to have it PERFECT, let's just get it done. So ... yeah, it still needs work. Yeah, we plan on having pages to highlight ACW member's portfolios and links to personal websites. Yeah, we need an events page and calendar. Could probably use a LINKS page (or MISCELLANY) to put all those weirdly useful web-addresses on that don't fit anywhere else.

There are probably a few other items this website needs, but right now, the list of "have-to-haves" is mostly crossed off or in-process. Mainly, the website exists, makes decent sense, and it works.

So, peruse the page(s), make notes of issues and/or ideas to let the admin crew know about (Rick, Suzann, Rose, Carlos, or Sally), and check back often for updates.

Now, stop surfing the 'Net and go create some artwork! ;)

P.S. Any ACW member who would like to do a blog post, PLEASE drop a line via email to ACWartists@yahoo.com with the subject line of "Guest Blog Post." Or mention it at one of the monthly meetings or even throw it out as an option on the Facebook group. This blog isn't supposed to be one person's musings/views but rather a forum for any/all ACW members to share knowledge.


Suzann (S.J. Grogan)

#stilllife #composition


(562) 693-5714

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