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Well, 2019 is already a month old, and hopefully everyone is past the "crossing out 2018" phase. We're actually coming up on the Lunar New Year (aka the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival), which this time becomes the Year of the Earth Pig.

Whether you subscribe to such predictions or not, like most things surrounding a new year/change of seasons, this is a cycle of fresh beginnings. I've seen it in my work and also see it in business. There seems to be a fresh energy and awareness that are growing, which makes me want to try new things in my art, too. Some of them I'm still dabbling in (a series of abstract studies from a previously representational-only artist), which I confess, I'm having a blast with. And also I've started a sideline art business to fill an unexpected niche that is doing quite well. (Who'd've thunk?)

On that note, what changes do you see (or foresee) in your own work or market? Any off-shoots looming that promise forks in your artistic road? Classes, workshops, new media or outlets? Marketing strategies, insights on your collector market, or visions of works-to-come? Feel free to post your comments below.

And as always, keep creating!


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